Brenda’s Birth Story

Here is the birth story of our sweet baby boy…
We had a traumatic emergency c-section with our 2nd baby, so when we found out we were expecting again I knew I wanted to use a doula this time around to increase my chances of a VBAC. I met Tina at a Doula Network meeting and asked her to be our Doula shortly after finding out I was pregnant.
On August 17th I woke up with contractions that seemed stronger than the Braxton hicks I had been having. I had some bloody show and the contractions continued about 5-10 minutes apart the whole day…they slowly got stronger. Around 10:30 p.m. We decided to call Tina. When she arrived the contractions slowed way down. We thought it would be good to try and rest so she went home and I went to bed around midnight. At 2am I woke up with a decent contraction. I stayed in bed till 5:30am. I was able to rest in between the contractions but needed Clint to rub my back each time I had one. They were getting stronger but still staying about 5 minutes apart and staying about 60 seconds in duration.
We called Tina and she came over around 8am. We walked a couple of blocks around the neighborhood…stopping with each contraction. They were getting more intense and I was starting to feel really exhausted and somewhat nauseated. I continued to labor at home…pretty much just wondering around…and eventually feeling most comfortable in my bedroom. I decided I wanted to take a shower to help relax…right before I got in I started throwing up. I felt much better after that and was able to be in the shower alone. Clint stayed in the bathroom in case I needed anything but the hot water really helped me relax. Around 11:30 or 12pm Clint and I decided we wanted to go to the hospital.
We got our things together and headed over…Tina would meet us there. Things seemed to calm down on the ride over. I still contracted about 5 minutes apart, but they seemed much more manageable. We parked and walked up to labor and delivery. After we got up and into Triage, Clint had to go back down to admitting. Tina was there so she stayed with me while the nurse got me on the monitors to watch the contractions/baby’s heart rate. After Clint came back up and the nurse got all the info she needed, she checked my cervix. I as an 8! I started crying out of relief! Relief that it was close to the end and relief that we had stayed home long enough…I was so worried I would get there and only be 3cm!
We got into our room and got settled. My Dr. was out of town so the on-call Dr. came in to see how I was doing. I was very thankful to see that it was the same Dr. we saw for our OB care with our first son. He offered to break my water and we decided we would since I was progressed so far.
Immediately after he broke my water, the contractions got INTENSE. I did need to be on the monitors but was able to labor out of bed. I would squat or lean my elbows on the side of the bed with each contraction. Shortly after my water breaking I felt pressure, the nurse checked and I was still an 8. I remember thinking…”I can’t do this much longer!” I had a few more contractions and this time I felt PRESSURE! I think I even was pushing a little because I just “needed” to. This time I was at 10cm and ready to push. They called the Dr. and I ended up having to wait a little bit before he got there. That was really hard! The nurse and Tina were really helpful in helping me breath through the contractions…In retrospect I think I would have just started pushing. Finally, the Dr arrived and I started to push. I needed help with my breathing
and had some oxygen…It was so intense and I was ready for it to be over! It felt like I was pushing for a really long time but I guess it was less than 5 pushes and our baby boy was here! I looked down and saw his sweet face…The feeling of seeing him and the relief of delivery being over was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

My body had been laboring for over 24 hours and was finally done. They put sweet Griffin to my chest and he was so beautiful and alert…He nursed right away and it was so amazing to have my
baby with me and not taken away. I had no tearing and really no trauma anywhere…my recovery was amazing. My back muscles were a tad sore but other than that I felt great.
Overall my birth experience was an amazing experience. Was everything we had wanted and more. God blessed me beyond words and I am so thankful for our beautiful baby boy and such an incredible birth. I got to experience birth how God created it to be.
My body did what it was supposed to do and I was able to enjoy the experience vs. fear it. Having Tina serve as my Doula was so beneficial and I couldn’t have done it without her. She was such a blessing to us during this time and we will always hold a special place for her in our hearts!

Erin’s Birth Story

Wanted to share my wonderful experience using a doula and midwife for my natural child birth! Shout out to my amazing doula Tina Black, and midwife Kathleen Wirtz!

I was laboring in the dark, by myself at about 2-3 AM, and it was starting to get hard to cope with the contractions on my own. I was starting to get nervous. I called my doula, and Tina answered on the first ring. She could tell I needed her, and said she would come immediately. 15 minutes later she was at my house, calm, reassuring and kind.

From the moment Tina got there, my fears that I wasn’t going to be able to do this naturally, at home, as planned, just left my head. Tina knew I could do it, and her confidence and calmness put me at ease.

She talked me through every contraction, and applied lower back pressure, along with other massage techniques. The lower back pressure turned the contractions from hard to bear, to COMPLETELY DO-ABLE! Seriously, that’s the word I would use to describe my birth experience with a doula, DO-ABLE! I wasn’t afraid, screaming, or in severe pain. I was calm and in control, and knew I could do it, thanks in large part to my doula 😊

Having a midwife through my whole pregnancy was an amazing experience! The level of care that I received from Kathleen truly surpasses any care I’ve received in a medical setting previous. Over the many hours we spent together, our relationship became more than that of a provider and patient, it became a friendship 😊 At my birth Kathleen was so calm, confident and professional, I never felt nervous. I knew Robin and I were in good hands, and that she would take good care of us, and she did!

My postpartum care from both Kathleen and Tina was also amazing. They both made numerous house visits to make sure mama and baby were doing well, check on breastfeeding, and any other concerns. My pregnancy and birth experience truly couldn’t have been any better. I will definitely be using both of their services again in the future! If you live in the SW Washington area, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tina Black and Kathleen Wirtz, CNM, for pregnancy and birth services.

I just wanted to share my experience, because I know there is kind of a culture of fear around childbirth, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Women’s bodies are made to birth babies, and with good, knowledgeable care and providers I found that the experience was truly DO-ABLE. Thank you Tina, Kathleen, and all other helpers, for helping me have an amazing birth experience!


“Thank you SO much, Tina! We had so many nurses stop by today to say how great you were and you were the best doula they ever had at St Petes!”-Kacey


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