Doula Services

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Experience birth with informed choices, physical and emotional support, and birth photography. Offering prenatal visits, labor support, and breastfeeding/post-partum assistance.

Your doula services include:

2 Prenatal Online Visits: Our first visit will be mostly going over paperwork, talking about your wishes and needs,  and then starting a birth plan together.  Our second visit will be finishing up final details, working on calming techniques, with positions, and stretches.

Unlimited phone call/text/email Support: Please don’t hesitate to contact me before and after delivery (up to two weeks postpartum)

On-Call for birth:  I will be available when you are ready for support and can stay available with you for the remainder of your labor.

Immediate postpartum birth support:   I will remain available with you for 1-2 hours after the birth. I will help with calming for any post birth care, as well as breastfeeding and other support.

2 Postpartum Online Visits:    I will keep tabs with you, by text or phone, in the first 24-48  hours, and plan a visit (online) around that time. I am available for one more postpartum visit after that (included in the doula fee). On the last visit (1 week later), we discuss your recovery and breastfeeding concerns. Again, unlimited contact for 2 weeks postpartum.

Additional visits:     Any visits/meetings after the second postpartum visit, will incur a fee; however, please call if needed, as I do offer breastfeeding counseling and postpartum doula care.

Birth Support ($500-$1,000)*

Please let me know how else I can help.  I am here for YOU!

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