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Each  form of contact has a link that you can submit. 

You will get a response in 24 hours (unless I am at a birth, then it might be 48 hours).


Call Doula Tina (info below) or fill out the Initial Consultation Form


After the initial meeting, by phone or in person, please fill out one or both of the following registrations.

Class Registration Form   Please fill out when registering for classes.  Group Classes Cost: $100-125.  Individual courses still available. Cost: $150-175                               

Doula Registration Form   Please fill out when registering for doula services.  A password is required.  To register, you will first need to fill out an Initial Consultation form or call and speak with Tina to set up your free consultation, then you will get a password to complete the registration process.

AVAILABILITY: To find out if I am available for the time around your birth, please check my calendar. I try to keep it updated.



Phone: 360-431-8275          Email:

(Please leave a detailed message, and I will call you back as soon as I can.)