About Me

My birth experiences were pretty traumatic and I wouldn’t wish a birth, without a doula, on anyone! Three months, after the birth of my second child (without a doula), I signed up for training to become a doula, because I did not want moms to have to experience what I had to.
Just over a year later, I was certified as a birth doula, breastfeeding counselor, and childbirth educator. Although I was the first of my kind in my region, my goal has been to educate women on their choices and the advantage of doula care.

A doula helps to inform parents about each step in the delivery process. She can help alleviate stress with relaxation methods. She can help dad find ways to be more supportive. She can give you the risk factors with medications and procedures. She is there for you! I didn’t have a doula, because I didn’t know that they existed, but now I wouldn’t go without one.
Please Remember: Doulas are not doctors and they cannot suggest what you should do, or give their opinion about what they would do. Doulas inform, encourage, and support.

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