Home Birth or Free-Birth, If You Can

This day in age, I won’t be visiting a hospital, and here is why:

1) Doulas are not welcome, and in many hospitals world-wide, neither are husbands or loved-ones. The only way to have a normal birth, will be to have it at home.

2) Newborns can be taken away, if mom tests positive. This happened at a local hospital, I have been to, for a birth:


3) Cov. testing has an 80% false positive AND this virus has never been isolated, which is key to making any vaccine! The man who created the test even stated that it should not be used to confirm a virus. He “mysteriously” died just before the launch of Covid.


4) As a doula, I have been told by midwives, that I must also have my temperatures checked. This is not acceptable. This is a violation of my medical, civil, and even religious rights.

If your midwife forces testing on you, you may want to rethink your birth plans.

5) This is Not about a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. More people died of TB last year and no one wore a stinking mask.
This is absurd overreach of our government, for control and I don’t care if I can never practice as a doula again, I DO NOT CONSENT.

6) I do not recommend any testing on you or your newborn, nor getting the upcoming vacx.



7) If you will be forced to wear a mask for labor, I pity you. It is not safe for you or baby.

I could go on, but I will say, I am making an Informed Choice, which is what I teach my clients.

I love my former clients and will truly miss future births, but I will not allow this “Agenda” to manipulate me. I will not stand down, but will stand up against tyranny and those who trample on my God-given rights.

Due to current events, I will no longer be offering in-person care, as I will Not Consent to wearing a mask, taking any tests, or taking part in contact tracing. (I may be interested in assisting with a home free-birth, if none of the above will take place, but doula fees still apply).
That said, for the time being, I will offer phone services and Zoom childbirth classes. *Fees will apply, must pay with Paypal, before services.



(Hint: It is about compliance)




#Research WorldEconomicForum and “The Great Reset”

Vaccine Congress 2020: Notes, from the White House Vaccine Congress, were taken by this group, to let others know what our government is and will do to force vaccines. This was a four day conference and these ladies listened to it all, and is reporting what they heard.


If you are a believer in Christ, you may want to read this and watch the video above.