Home Birth or Free-Birth, If You Can

This day in age, I won’t be visiting a hospital, and here is why:

1) Doulas are not welcome, and in many hospitals world-wide, neither are husbands or loved-ones. The only way to have a normal birth, will be to have it at home.

2) Newborns can be taken away, if mom tests positive. This happened at a local hospital, I have been to, for a birth:


3) Cov. testing has an 80% false positive


4) As a doula, I have been told by midwives, that I must also have my temperatures checked. This is not acceptable. This is a violation of my medical, civil, and even religious rights.

If your midwife forces testing on you, you may want to rethink your birth plans.

5) This is Not about a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. More people died of TB last year and no one wore a stinking mask.
This is absurd overreach of our government, for control and I don’t care if I can never practice as a doula again, I DO NOT CONSENT.

6) I do not recommend any testing on you or your newborn, nor getting the upcoming vacx.



7) If you will be forced to wear a mask for labor, I pity you. It is not safe for you or baby.

I could go on, but I will say, I am making an Informed Choice, which is what I teach my clients.

I love my former clients and will truly miss future births, but I will not allow this “Agenda” to manipulate me. I will not stand down, but will stand up against tyranny and those who trample on my God-given rights.

Due to current events, I will no longer be offering in-person care, as I will Not Consent to wearing a mask, taking any tests, or taking part in contact tracing. (I may be interested in assisting with a home free-birth, if none of the above will take place, but doula fees still apply).
That said, for the time being, I will offer phone services and Zoom childbirth classes. *Fees will apply, must pay with Paypal, before services.



(Hint: It is about compliance)




#Research WorldEconomicForum and “The Great Reset”

Vaccine Congress 2020: Notes, from the White House Vaccine Congress, were taken by this group, to let others know what our government is and will do to force vaccines. This was a four day conference and these ladies listened to it all, and is reporting what they heard.


If you are a believer in Christ, you may want to read this and watch the video above.